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Su-Yen has addressed audiences from the United States to Ukraine, including boards of directors, CEOs and senior business leaders, ministers and government officials, unionists, entrepreneurs, educators, engineers, and lawyers. She is a highly-rated guest lecturer and visiting expert at programs and seminars conducted by universities in Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America.

Su-Yen is adept in cross-cultural settings and highly experienced at bringing people together from diverse backgrounds. She is equally comfortable in intimate settings and large-scale events, and she tailors her approach for each specific audience so as to achieve the session’s objectives.

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The Future of Work

With the onset of the 4th industrial revolution, new business models and jobs are being created, and destroyed, at a dizzying pace. Given the rate of technological change, knowledge and skills are getting outdated quickly.  

  • What are key trends shaping the future of work?  
  • What are jobs of the future, what skills are in demand, and how might this evolve?  
  • What are the implications for individuals, organisations, and society? 

Leadership in an Asian Century

Many western companies have set their sights on Asia as a key growth engine.  

  • What will it take for Asian leaders to step onto the regional and global stage?  
  • How can western leaders who are new to Asia rapidly come up the learning curve?  
  • As Asian companies similarly expand beyond home country borders, how can they best prepare their organisation and leaders to take on new global challenges?


Human Capital 2.0

The role of human capital as a source of competitive advantage is more important than ever before. 

  • What are leading edge approaches to attract, develop, and retain talent in the new world of work?  
  • What shifts in leadership, culture, structure, performance, and people management are required for future success? 
  • How can companies leverage analytics and technology to reinvent HR?

Diversity and Leadership

There are compelling reasons to improve diversity, especially at senior levels of an organisation. While progress has been made, much work remains to be done, both in Asia and globally. 

  • What does it take to make it to the Board Room and C-Suite? 
  • What are organisation enablers and detailers? 
  • How can women prepare for leadership roles, and set themselves up for success?


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